The Creative Vision

Concordia University Irvine wanted to bring their campus life alive for prospective students via virtual campus tours. They were looking for compelling storytelling that combined writing, video, and an interactive digital experience to help interested students envision their future at CUI.

The Process

Trusted Creative began by journey mapping the student experience to understand the academic, spiritual, and campus life features unique to CUI. From there, we created a content strategy and storyboards that enabled us to execute the written, video, and graphic design elements to create an intuitive and compelling user experience.

To complete the project, Trusted Creative:

  1. Created an interactive campus map highlighting every major building and campus feature.
  2. Shot and composed walkthrough videos of each point on the campus map to help students envision themselves at CUI.
  3. Crafted supporting pages that complemented and expanded upon the visual narrative to help interested students learn more about CUI.
  4. Engineered a logical and streamlined website architecture to ensure new elements integrated with the existing site while providing a seamless, intuitive user experience.

The Results

CUI’s virtual campus tours engage thousands of prospective students and parents each year. By combining digital, video, and written elements, Trusted Creative executed a powerful, multi-layered strategy and call to action to increase the number of applicants and help the university grow.

Trusted Creative continues to work with CUI to manage all of their creative service and strategy projects. We are the central creative hub that connects and supports the digital needs of the university’s many moving parts and departments.